Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Mistress Cathiee's Toy Box "The Sex Awakens"

Hello my lovely Second Life © Residents
I am Mistress Cathiee for this new blog.
After the many years of being in Second Life © running a popular Adult sim in the virtual world.

After talking to several people they suggested that I should do reviews of the products in the Adult Animation Business of Second Life © So this blog is born

Mistress Cathiee's Toy Box

I will be starting my reviews of products that I have in my current Inventory. I will also be posting pictures of some of the animations in the products in actual use. I will be looking at some of the following features.
1.) Quality of textures of product
2.) How the animations are.
3.) Looking at the hud how easy it is to navigate and find the poses you want.
4.) How easy it is to adjust the poses.
5.) Is the product Copy, Mod, Transfer.
6.) Number of Animations
7.) The Price
8.) I will also be asking people in my sim who use the product what they like or dislike about the product.
9.) Then my opinion if the product is worth the price.
10.) what can be improved on.

I hope to present everyone with a girls perspective on the Adult Products of SL.


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