Saturday, December 12, 2015

Review: Stockholm & Lima: Argonaut Lounge [Adult]

Mistress Cathiee picked up this older product.

This product is called the Argonaut Lounge

Sold by: Surrealia Anatine
Prims: 14 Land Impact
Price: $1800.00 Lindens
Product is: Copy Only

When I was looking at this in the store first thing that drew me to it was the Tentacles, I mean who doesn't love Tentacles.
I tested it out in the shop then ended up purchasing it and dropping it in the sim.
Pandora here will show off the different colors you can apply to the Lounger.

It is a shame that you can not recolor for different tints but I am able to work with these colors to fit the areas in the sim that i want to place it in.

Now to give a little taste here of the Poses and Animations:

The Argonaut Lounge has some really nice animations. The animations have been adjusted very well to blend into the design of the product. I was very impressed and they are smooth.
This product has provoked me to save more and get more products from Stockholm & Lima.
I would recommend this product for those who want a Tentacle Lounge and well who doesn't.

Dolly's Summary:
Its Tentacles!!!  Nuff said right? nice mesh product. Looks really good in enhanced lighting has RLV built into it.
Wish it was modifiable as well as copy.

(no pose balls), Animations are very nice well placed on the product.

Ease of Use:
Its very easy to use.

Product was only at the Inworld Store.

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