Friday, December 4, 2015

REVIEW: *Rnvp* - Assimilation Breeder 1.0

Greetings to all you Breeding lovers Mistress Cathiee is bring a Review of a Product Presented by:

This product comes from:
*Rien ne va plus*
Creators: xXRiennaXx Resident or NyX Fallen
Prim Count: 10 Land Impact (Mesh)

I am always looking for any products that have any Tentacle Sex associated with them.
The Market in SL for Hentia Sex is very big but very few Adult Animation places do it. 
Then along *Rnvp*. I was looking around the marketplace one day and discovered their products.
Now this doesn't have Adult Animation on it for multiple people but this product does fulfill the special group of people that like to get slimy tentacles breeding with them. 

The Marketplace Listing Information:
Just a wall .. or not? Lean on and let you catch by the assimilation breeder tentacle whatever ...!
Please read the manual carefully, it's more easily than thought (to become pregnant by a beast).
* a harmless looking wall
* lean on will free the tentacles from the assimilation breeder
* interface can switch between light and sound effects.
* animation menu (for victim and watcher) with 5 phases of breeding/pregnant status (rezzed probs)
* victim and watcher can change the phases
* You (the owner) can restrict the pose menu to
- group / all / owner only
- rezzed probs can be moved and saved
and some other settings.

* animated pregnant belly and tentacle
* flickering light if any one sit on
* subdued sound effects (light, slurp, squirt)
* last belly is touchable for partikel splashes
* Mesh Material enabled
You find the interface below the wallgrate.
- change the light color with the colored button
- turn on/off the whole sound
- turn off all LIGHT effects.

Now I will tell you. Mistress Cathiee does like the quality of this Product. Many people have visted the sim and have enjoyed having the tentacles breed with them.
Now the Price could be a little lower for what you really get. I also wish they remove the Interface off the front of the wall. It really takes away from the is it a wall or not rp.
I tend to set the color and light and turn the Interface buttons to 100% Transparent.

Dolly's Summary:
Textures are Detailed and look great so does the lighting that is used. The fleshy Tentacles.

No pose balls, Animations and facial animations work well. The Animations of the Tentacle beast and the addition of the fleshy belly looks really good.

Ease of Use:
Very easy to use and adjust as well. It did take me sometime to change and line up textures when modifying the product to fit my rooms.

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