Sunday, December 6, 2015

Review: Naughty Chain Candy Canes

With the Holiday Season here, I am sure some of you would like to know about some of the many products that are inspired by the Holidays.
Today I bring you a Discontinued Bondage Candy Cane Product

This Product comes from:
Scorpio13 Designs
Created by: Maximus Chrome
Prim Count: 7
Creators comment: 
I am not maintaining an in-world store at the moment but my products can still be found on the marketplace.
If there is something you would like to see before you buy it, just contact me and I can rez it for you.
For support, send me a note-card or im for support. I work during the day so if I don't respond immediately, it may be later in the evening when I can log in. US CST, SLT +2

So even if this can not be found on the market place try giving Maximus Chrome a MSG to see if you can get the Naughty Chain Candy Canes.

 So how does this product stand-up with what it offers.
Well the Naughty Chain Candy Canes uses XPOSE (version 4.0 ll) their is not much in the way of animations some of the animations are pretty good especially the one "Hung"
Even when I was given the cuffs they didn't really work properly for me out of the box.
The Device didn't automatically connect to the cuffs.

Dolly's Summary:
Its 2 Candy Caines so not much Texture wise to do.  It was only Transfer so we couldn't do much with it.

Pose Ball device. Not many animations but they are ok.

Ease of Use:
The Cuffs do not automatically connect to the device. As you can tell by the pictures.

Mistress Cathiee her, I can not remember if this was a free product given out during the Holiday season. I have had this a couple years and will still place it out in the sim during the holiday season.
This current year i have yet to actually place this out. I will most likely put it in our Candy Room we have.

~Hugs, Kiss's and Bummm Squeezes~

can come to the Pleasure Station 69 to check the product out: 

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