Thursday, December 3, 2015

Review:Dutchie Mistress and Master Wingback Moustache Club Chair

This product comes from:
Dutchie furniture & homes
Creator: Froukje Hoorenbeek
Prims: 5 Land Impact (mesh)
Price: Individual 3,999 L price for both 5,999

Market Place Listings:

In world Store:

I have had this chair set since it first came out.
I will be showing the Mistress version of the chair but the Master version is very similar to the Mistress. The Chair is Modify and Copy which Mistress Cathiee loves especially for the price that these chairs run. I have to say the leather on these chair is very comfy to my bare ass when i sit in then naked as I watch my Pets.

The Chair has many different poses in a very easy to use Menu system, Very easy to find the poses
you may be looking for. These two chairs I use pretty much regularly in my sim in various forms.
Here are some of the modifications I have made using these chairs as a base.

Iron throne and Captains Chair 

Dolly's Summary:

Textures are Detailed and Real looking leather. Low prim Mesh and Modify Copy product

No pose balls, Animations are very nice looking for the product and the chair positions.

Ease of Use:
The menu is easy to use and the product is easy to adjust and modify.

Mistress Cathiee recommends this product even at the high price. The Animations are quality animations and since it is Modify and Copy as well as easy to adjust the poses, low prim count it can be re-purposed in other chairs to have the Mistress or Master engines in the other chairs. 
If you would like to check it out before buying and putting it to use in the different ways. Mistress Cathiee has Used it come on over to the Pleasure Station -69 and check out the Space Throne and the Basement room. 

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