Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Review: Alien Abduction Table - RLV Trap

Hello my Alien Abduction lovers. Those of you who enjoy those green men coming down and abducting you and transforming you into one of them, I present my first review.

Alien Abduction Table - RLV Trap
Price: L$2,900
Prim count: 5
Sold by: Milena Doll Creations
Created by: Mileia Dubrovna
Marketplace Listing:

I am always asking people in my groups that we have for the Pleasure Station 69 sim and UFO Abduction the SexXxperience what type of new rooms they would want and what other products they would suggest. I had one young woman who enjoyed being abducted and was sad that the sim she use to go to had disappeared and this object was in it and she missed it.
So being the nice sim owner who wants to make a place for people to play out their sexual desires. I decided to go look at the product.
My first reaction was HOLY COW 3,000 for it!!! WTF!!!
So I started to test it out in Milena Doll Creationstesting it out for some time I decided to get it.
One of the first things I wanted to change that I was happy that it was Mod/Copy was the Aliens heads were different color than the body which to me didn't make any sense.

So I get it back to the sim and first thing we do is Mod the table and place it in our room designed for it.

As you can see we Modified some of the textures to fit the look of the room that it was to go into.

My lovely Partner and Pet Dolly was kind enough to be the Abductee in the testing of the product.

Dolly Being Abducted by the 3 Aliens beings:

Dolly being examined to make sure she was a compatible:

Dolly being probed and i believe she enjoyed it.

One Alien enters the containment area to fuck Dolly

Then all three aliens in using Dolly.
From the description of the product:
 At the end of the sequence the device offers the victim an #RLV folder including the alien outfit ( victim needs to accept this offer only once.if the victim sits again in the future,the device will looks for the folder in the victim´s #RLV FOLDER and forces to wear it not offering it again (to avoid inventory spam).

Now I have to say I am not one for many of the RP story telling devices out in Second Life. But this one I have to say was pretty good and fun to have in the sim.

I was very impressed with this product. The animations and rezing object were pretty good.
My biggest issue is obviously the price and the textures it comes with. I really don't understand the head having a different color. But since we can Modify the product this is a small annoyance.
down side the outfit doesn't come with an Omega Applier so you can use it for Mesh Bodies.

Overall I would recommend this product. Of course it is a specialized product that many would not have use for.

Dolly's Summary:

Textures are poor but mod, Moving props are good

 Animations are average, work well with the props and are adjustable.

Ease of Use:
RLV is automatic if desired, Menu is average for this type of product.

Over priced in my opinion for a very specialized product

If you want to see it you can check it out in Pleasure Station 69 (UFO Room)


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